A 50-year-old man died after he was flung several feet in the air by a BMW SUV in north Delhi on Wednesday. The BMW X1 was being driven by a Delhi University student, who sped away after the accident, police said. The hit-and-run was caught on CCTV. Many on the media are terming it an accident however some are saying the man deliberately committed suicide by running in front of the vehicle. The footage shows he speeds up as the vehicle came closer and could have avoided the accident had he ran to the opposite direction.

He was elected as the Joint Secretary of his college

The victim was crossing at the center of the road and not at any pedestrian crossing. The illegal crossing called J walking is illegal in most countries as it’s often how pedestrians get hit on the road when they cross at places where vehicles are generaly travelling at higher speeds.

The accused Abinav Sahni is a first year student at Khalsa college which was close to where the accident occurred. The accused was out on bail. The man was formally arrested but released on bail by the police. The man who died was Shiv Nath a 50 year old man. The CCTV footage shows the man was crossing the road but when he realized the vehicle was coming in fast he sped up and hit the vehicle head on. It’s unclear if the man could’ve avoided the vehicle if he just ran in the opposite direction and avoided the vehicle all together or if the man had intentions of committing suicide.

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