A Parcharak from Delhi, India has called the Sikh Khalsa Bana a “Frock” while touring New Zealand. The Parcharak who became famous after his “Mixed Vegetable” video has insulted the Sikh Dress blessed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself. The Bana is the traditional attire of the Khalsa Warriors who defended human rights against foreign invaders. The Bana is the original and most highly respected attire of the Sikhs as those who wear it are Khalsa Warriors.

Baljit Singh said, “we call sants to those who have naked legs.”

Now days, mostly Nihangs wear the attire of Bana or others will wear at the Sikh religious events. Baljit Singh has annoyed many people worldwide after the video went viral on social media. The Sikhs are asking the parcharak to immediately issue a video apology.

Baljit Singh went a step further in his insult by stating that if women can’t wear frocks to Gurdwaras than those wearing Bana should be prevented from visiting also. He went onto say that those wearing Bana should “wear a pajama underneath” and those who wore Bana in the Sikh quam have gone to be “Braham Gyani.”

Baljit singh insults bana by dailysikhupdates

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