December 12, 1699 Birth of Sahibzaada Fateh Singh Ji

December 12, 1699 Sahibzaada Fateh Singh Ji Was Born
Sahibzaada Fateh Singh Ji is the fourth son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was martyred at the age of only 6 years old at Sirhind, Punjab by Mughals. He is the youngest known martyr in history who laid his life down for righteousness. Sahibzaada Fateh Singh was bricked alive with his brother Sahibzaada Zorawar Singh in brutal and painful death.

Sahibzaada fateh singh ji

Flight from Sri Anandpur Sahib:
A combination of Mughals and hillmen besieged Anandpur Sahib on the orders of emperor Aurangzeb. Finally the stock of food in the town ran out. The Mughals promised safe passage to Punjab for the Sikhs if they would hand over the fortress of Anandpur. At first Guru Gobind tested their promise of safe passage by staging a test which the attackers failed miserably, later with promises written in the margins of the Muslims Holy Qur’an and some of the sacred writings of the Hindu elements of the army that had all but starved his small contingent of family and Sikhs and a personal promise of safety by Aurangzeb sent by an ajent of the Emperor who was fighting in the distant Deccan, the Guru was persuaded to agree to their offer, leaving Anandpur with his family and a small band of retainers.
They had not gone very far when the Mughals, breaking their promise, came after them. Guru Gobind and his two older sons got separated from his mother, Mata Gujri and his two youngest sons, Zorawar and Fateh Singh during the confused departure from Anandpur. After they managed to cross the nearby river they felt themselves saved when they reached the village of Sahedi and ran into their former Hindu cook, Gangu who kindly gave them shelter in his home. But like a sly fox he handed them over to the Mughal authorities of his village, no doubt hoping for a reward.
Turned over to the faujdar of Morinda. They were soon taken to Sirhind where, still stinging over the escape of the Guru, Wazir Khan, the Nawab of Sirhind was most pleased to have the two young Princes.
The two sons of Guru Gobind, Zorawar (9 years old) and Fateh (6 years old) were offered princely rewards, riches, honor and power if they would only bend down and recite the Kalma and becomeMuslims. With a courage that belied their years, both boys refused to do so.

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