KUNDUZ CITY (SW): A Sikh man by the name of Narmoon Singh was shot dead by what is being reported as the Taliban in Kunduz Province of Afghanistan. The Sikh man was a well known leader and business owner who was killed by the Taliban. Recent reports have cited that 30 Hindu and Sikh families fled the area while Narmoon stayed despite knowing they might get assassinated.

Mahfozullah Akbari, spokesperson for the police in the province, said that Narmoon Singh was shot while he was on his way to work early in the morning. “Investigation is underway to find the culprits”, added Akbari.

The Sikh was reportedly survived an attack 4 years ago but he continued to stay in area and sell herbal medicine.

The uncle of Narmoon named Bareed Singh told reporters that he’ll soon be leaving the country.

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