Days Before Marriage, Amritdhari Girl Commits Suicide After Granthi Spreads False Rumors

An Amritdhari Sikh girl committed suicide after rumors about the girl named Rajbir Kaur were spread by the local Gurdwara Granthi. The girl was set to be married on November 5, 2019.

It’s being reported the Granthi went to the groom and told him that the character of the girl is not so great after which the groom denied the wedding. The family of the girl had renovated their house and had wedding cards printed but the wedding was cancelled by the groom’s family.

The family of the girl stated reason for marriage denial by the groom’s family was bad character of the girl.

The family told the media that false information was spread about the girl and that the Granthi is responsible for the suicide of the girl. The girl was disappointed after her marriage was denied and she took her own life. The family holds the Granthi and the groom for the death of the girl. The family says the groom pressurized the girl and put allegations against the girl.

The family demands justice for the girl and requires charges against the granthi.

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