An Indian father in a village near Agra took the government too seriously after he tied his daughter to his motorcycle and took her to school.

The government has emphasized the importance of education for girls but one man took things a bit far after his daughter’s refusal to attend school. He tied her to the motorcycle with ropes and dragged her to school.


The bystanders were shocked and outraged while watching the girl being dragged to school. They contacted the police and the father got booked under section 151 for breaching peace and spent the night in jail but released on bail.

The man desperately wants to educate his daughter and has tried to give the best education possible for his five children despite the fact he earns a low income working as a guard for a private school.

The daughter had an examination on the day she was tied up and was reluctant to go, he said he convinced her by every mean possible. He was quoted saying he bought her toffees and promised expensive gifts but all the efforts failed and he was left with no choice but to tied her up.

The picture has gone viral on social networks and international news media has caused it to go viral.

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