(DSU News Bureau) A woman was murdered by her own husband and in-laws for not giving dowry at village Dhanna near Batala, Punjab. The woman was brutally beaten by metal rods and then bled to death after being struck by sharp swords multiple times. The marks by the swords are clearly visible on the dead body.


The father of the girl said, ‘my daughter Rajwinder Kaur was married 8 years ago to Rajwinder Singh at Village Sithala, who has a 6 year old girl.” He further said, “my son in law wanted my land on his name even though I had been giving him dowry for past 8 years.”

The grieving father stated his daughter was murdered on May 17, 2015 by his son in law, brother in law, and mother in law. First Rajwinder was beaten with a metal rod and then her husband struck her with the sword leading to her death.

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