Message from Darsh:

“Before speaking this morning, I was sitting in the studio and felt an overwhelming sense of joy. All of us got to witness the power of a small act of love. When Greg was moved to action on Facebook because of his conviction in the idea of radical love, the results of the small wave he created continue to reverberate as a reminder that small acts of love can have great impact.

My sincerest hope is that all of us will find enough clarity and conviction in our personal values to stand up with courage in the face of prejudice. As a reminder, my three calls to action, which stem from the “three golden rules” in the Sikh tradition:

1) Continue to educate yourself on traditions and practices that are different from your own before speaking from a place of fear, ignorance, or hate. Reflect on Truth. The best weapon against hate is Love. The best way to dispel darkness is Light.

2) Serve those in need. If you truly believe that the Divine exists within everyone, let us take action by supporting those who deeply need food, shelter, justice, love, companionship, or any of the other virtues we would consider Divine. Smile at people who are different than you. Ask them questions. Learn about your similarities and differences. Most importantly, speak up when you witness prejudice.

3) Be kind and loving. Live honestly and with integrity in pursuit of being the best version of yourself, which is Divine.
You may never know how many people you inspire with one small act of love. heart emoticon” – Darsh Preet Singh ‪#‎BeLikeDarsh‬

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