Outside a motel in North Dallas over the weekend a Punjabi man shot another in a Dangerous game of Russian Roulette. 27 year old Vikram Singh Virk sat inside his car with Jaskaran Singh, 19, when they decided to use an ‘unloaded’ gun to play Russian Roulette.


Vikram from Murphy, Texas told police officers he gave his ’empty’ gun to Jaskaran who aimed and pulled the trigger on him twice. The weapon didn’t fire and Jaskaran handed it over to Virk.

Virk took the gun and pulled the trigger twice on Jaskaran striking him in the head on the second time. Virk rushed Jaskaran to the Methodist Richardson Medican Center where doctors pronounced him dead.

Virk told investigators Jaskaran pulled the trigger on himself but later confessed it was him who shot his friend dead.

Vikram Virk was charged with second degree manslaughter and held on $150,000 bail. The Punjabi community expressed outrage that the two individuals made such a stupid move.

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