Village Daleke, Moga Dalit girl and family were upset at Gurdwara Panj Piri Committee after being denied Anand Karaj at the Gurdwara Sahib due to family being a Dera Baba lover. The guests had to turn back around after they were told that the girl’s family were a committed followers of a Dera baba who promoted anti-Sikh acts.


According to sources, Daleke’s Bhola Singh son of Bhaktar Singh’s sister Laxmi’s wedding was on sunday. The family booked to have the daughter’s Anand Karaj at the Panj Piri Gurdwara a week in advance. The family arrived at the Grrdwara sahib only to be sent back because the family believed in a Dera Baba.

The family ended up getting their daughter married inside their own home. The family’s relatives expressed disappointment over not being allowed to do an Anand Karaj.

On the other hand, the Head of the Committee stated the Anand Karaj was declined due to the family following a Dera Baba who was known for anti-Sikh activities.

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