You must have seen many movies, including elephant, horse or dog which have saved humans from death.

Ahmedabad has a similar incident where a man’s life saved many times by a crow.

Surely you will be surprised how many lives can a crow save ? Believe it, it is a true phenomenon is bound to be surprised. Yes, Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront, a crow has saved many lives so far.


Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront has become a haven for suicides. One recent incident when a couple was about to jumpe into the well a crow went wild and alarmed the fire fire brigade.

As soon as the fire brigade heard the crow yelling it knew there was no fire incident but something else. Fire Brigade was activated as soon as the call came, which stated that a couple had jumped into the river. Prompt action by the fire brigade helped saved the couples life.

At this place, the crow yelling is not a new phenomenon but witnessed by the fire brigade many times. The crow is acting as an alarm for the fire brigade that someone is about to commit suicide.

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