A court in Delhi has ordered Google India to remove all content speech contains hate speech and derogatory remarks against Sikh Gurus. The website Facebook, YouTube, Google, and other major online players are ordered to remove videos, images, and articles which are sacrilegious to the Sikh faith.

A person which drew lot of attention in the past few months named Sakshi Bhardwaj was the main culprit of hate speech against Sikhs and Sikh Gurus.

The sentiments of the Sikhs were hurt worldwide as the Prima Facia Sakshi Bhardwaj continued to spew hate on her daily videos online. The religious sentiments of Sikhs was hurt as many non-Sikhs or those who are against the Sikh faith shared the videos which caused them to go viral. Protests outside police stations occurred in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir along with Punjab.

All videos of Sakshi Bhardwaj was ordered to be removed on social media within a weeks time.

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