Cop Acquitted For Body Slamming Innocent Indian Man

The Albama State police officer was acquitted of body slamming an innocent Indian man by the US court Judge this past Thursday. If sentenced, he would’ve had to spend ten years in prison. The victim Sureshbhai Patel was left paralyzed after the incident of police brutality.

The case was heard by two juries who refused to convict the police officer. The first jury consisted by all white men who all voted to acquit the cop. The second jury consisted of 6 white men and 2 black women.

The 58 year old was assaulted by the police officer while Sureshbhai was walking outside of his house. The cop suspected suspicious activity and pinned him down on the concrete sidewalk. The victim was left the hospital with a fused vertebrae and paralyzed left leg.

The court issued a mistrial twice, the first in September 2015 and the second in November 2015.

Officer Acquitted Despite Paralyzing An Indian Grandfather

An officer assaulted and seriously injured an elderly Indian man for no reason — and he won’t face any punishment for it

Posted by NowThis on Friday, January 15, 2016

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