An on the street film play by the SGTB Khalsa College street play society showcases the problems of religious intolerance in society. The Delhi University Student’s union wrote a letter to the society to stop the play immediately. The ABVP member said, it’s “fake drama on Hindus and Hinduism.”


The union as appealed to the principal of the Khalsa College seeking a ban and action other wise they would “protest on high level against it.”

After the letter was issued, a debate around the city was started among students and college officials on finding the appropriate way to deal with the issue.

The director of the play Guneet Singh said, “Our play Welcome to the Machine is a study of religious intolerance and how forces assert their dominance by means of cultural, institutional and educational structures.”

The society will continue the play despite the threats and said their 21 member team isn’t scared.

Gunneet added that the street play was performed 36 times and many people appreciated from a “Wide section of people.”

“The problem is that our play names names,” he said. “It names leaders who propagated action-reaction theories. It names the foot-soldiers of the machinery of hate, who coax women to become baby-making factories, who instigate people to rape dead Muslim women, who are hell-bent on colouring history with their own agenda, who shout love-jihad and stifle our freedoms to express.”

Singh said that not just the play but freedom of speech was under attack. “If it is us today, it will be someone else tomorrow,” he said. “We are not going to stop performing but we need to direct some action against these notices, which instill fear in society.”

The play has received tremendous support after the controversy started and many students are openly supporting as they say it’s freedom of speech.

“We are responsible students who understand how sensitive the issue of religion is in our country. To wrench out certain words from wider political contexts without any understanding is a sign of ignorance, said Guneet.

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