(Amritsar)- Controversy has been sparked after the Om symbol started appearing on google maps for Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. The om symbol is the religious symbol of the Hindu religion. Many Sikhs worldwide are left wondering why the mistake has occurred on google maps. The Khanda symbol shows up for “Sri Harmandir Sahib”, but in english “Golden Temple Amritsar” the Om symbol shows up.


Instead of the Om symbol, the Ek Onkar symbol should show up in it’s place. Sikhs have launched a campaign to contact Google so the mistake can be fixed.

Note: The information below is only viewed on desktop and not on Mobile phone. Please type “Golden Temple Amritsar” and zoom in and click on the “om” icon to see the information ¬†below:

omsymbol1 omsymbol

However, many Sikhs are alleging a conspiracy has taken place by outside forces to mix the Sikh faith with the Hindu religion. While many are criticizing outside forces, mostly Sikhs are working to correct the issue.

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