A video taken from a Vaisakhi event at Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Gravesend (UK) has become the topic of conversation on social media which shows a bhangra group performing on the grounds of the Gurdwara Sahib, with Kirpans.

Many have commented that the dance usually performed with sticks was deliberately replaced with Kirpans to bring a “Sikh feel” to the performance but was completely un-necessary.

Additionally the dance is being performed to lyrics promoting the Sikh faith and women in Sikh history, which also makes it feel a bit unusual and weird.

Some of the interesting comments observed were:

Deepy Kalasingha Bharaj This Gurdwara has massive grounds so it would not matter as its recreational.They have football as well. It’s all sporty!! Don’t see any harm in the Bhangra !!

Sukhjote Singh Sukhi Why you doing Bhangra outside of a Gurdwara?
Plus what they doing with kirpan unsheathed….
Kir paan has a meaning. Not to dance around with it

Narinder Singh Virk What they doing with kirpan is totaly wrong..
Bhangra is bhangra not related with any religion ..
Bhang+ ragra = Bhangra

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