(Video) (DSU News Bureau) An Amritdhari Sikh was asked to take off his kirpan by Ambala sessions court judge in order to testify. The judge postponed the hearing of the case to May 12 and told the Singh he can only testify if he took off the kirpan.

In response, Dilawar Singh filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana high court to be allowed to wear his kirpan.

The justice Augustine Georce Masih issued a notice to the Haryana home secretary to file a reply on the contentions raised by Dilawar Singh.

Dilawar is a key witness to a murder trial and his statement wasn’t recorded during the court hearing on April 18th.

Judge Deepal Gupta objected to his wearing of the ‘Kirpan’ and gave directions for him to remove the same.

The Singh said the Judge’s order is illegal as it violates his religious freedom which is granted in the Indian Constitution.

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