(DSU News Bureau) Sikhs on social networking site twitter have expressed outrage on the SGPC and Sikh Organizations after a granthi Singh in Punjab converted to Christianity.

Reportedly, the Granthi Singh says he “wasn’t respected by the sangat” because he belonged to a “lower caste”. (Note: There is no such thing as caste in Sikhi, but many people dis-respect others based on it)


The granthi Singhs are being offered rupees of 10 lacs and up to 15 lacs in Ludhiana by Christian missionaries to convert. Many of the granthis are living in poverty due to a very low pay scale and so they are being directly targeted by missionary groups.

The Sikhs are unhappy at the SGPC for not addressing the issue and giving it a blind eye and questioning why they groups aren’t being stopped.

Recently, many villages were re-converted back to Sikhism but now the aim of the missionary groups has turned to granthis.

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