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“Amrik Sinh Chandigarh – turban incident

This is not about free speech or having ideological differences – in this video this guy says:

1) Dukhbhanjanee Ber – shouldn’t be called this. Even though this is the name used historically for the tree on one side of the Amritsar Sarovar. The Sarovar is of Amrit hence why people do get healed.

We think he just wants us to destroy this historical tree – We would ask him to also delete all historical references of his family from his life before spewing this about Dukh Bhanjanee Ber

2) He says people put water in containers & call it Amrit. – Now this is the same thing Dhadria vale said about the Amrit Sarovar. The Guru Sahibs called it Amritsar. A Sarovar of Amrit – it has & remains Amrit – immortal nectar because of the 24/7 Jaap of Gurbani

3) He goes against doing programs on Sangrand & Masiya. 3 Gurus wrote BarahMaha – Sangrand is just the first day of the month – whats wrong with remembering God on Sangrand? Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee started monthly Diwans at Tarn Taran on Masiya (day of no moon). Divali is on Masiya every year – even if you call it Bandi Shorr Divas we can guarantee you, you celebrate it on Masiya

This is about attacks on our core principles of Sikhi. We think the Southall incident & campaigns against this guy should have started as soon as it was announced he was attending the program in Slough. & yes we don’t have time to police all bad things in our Kaum so actually we had never heard this from him (the video until a few days ago)

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