Controversial Dilgeer meeting in London disrupted by Sangat

Members of the Sangat disrupted a private meeting held at Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Harley Grove in Bow, East London where controversial parcharak Harjinder Dilgeer had been invited as a guest speaker. The meeting was organised by a group known as the Sikh Study Forum and attendees include senior members of the Sikh Council UK.

Dilgeer has written a number of books and also regularly releases YouTube videos which have been controversial and caused much offense to many in the Sikh Community. He has also been labelled a “nindak” by many.

A few years ago Dilgeer made headlines when he printed and distributed a booklet which he named ‘nitnem’, from which he removed ‘Jaap Sahib’, ‘Tve Prasad Savaiye’ and ‘Chaupai Sahib’. It was from Dilgeer’s stage that excommunicated-Sikh Joginder Sahni of Spokesman newspaper declared in a lecture that Guru Nanak Sahib was not in favor of bestowing Gurgaddi to any other Guru after him. Dilgeer has made many controversial remarks about Dasam Bani, Amrit Sanchaar, Nishan Sahib, Rehat Marayada and Sikh history openly which has caused him to be banned from some Gurdwaras around the world.

In 2009, Dilgeer published the controversial five volume “Sikh Twareekh.” While Dilgeer claims it to be the most complete and authoritative reference on Sikh History – critics have condemned it as an intentional distortion of historical facts and ideology. His current works condemn many central concepts in Sikhi and presents a distorted view of the Sikh history as well as question well established accounts related to life history of the Guru Sahibans.

In the videos which are going viral, a large group of Singhs gathered to challenge Dilgeer. Dilgeer is seen being escorted out of the Gurdwara by the Police. The committee of the Gurdwara were also challenged and in the video state that they did not know he was a “gulat banda”.

The private meeting seemed to be held in a separate room of the Gurdwara away from Sangat. Reports on social media are also suggesting that senior members of the Sikh Council UK were also present in the meeting with Dilgeer and can be seen in the videos going viral.

Video 1

Dilgeer Meeting 1 by dailysikhupdates

Video 2

Dilgeer Meeting 2 by dailysikhupdates

Video 3

Dilgeer Meeting 4 by dailysikhupdates

Video 4

Dilgeer Meeting 4 by dailysikhupdates

Video 5

Dilgeer Meeting 5 by dailysikhupdates
Video 6

Dilgeer Meeting 6 by dailysikhupdates
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Dilgeer Meeting 8 by dailysikhupdates

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