Controversial scholar Harjinder Singh Dilgeer in a video said Gangu Brahmin is innocent and never did anything wrong. In the video, he says that one of the most prominent Sikh historian of all time Bhai Sahib Bhai Santokh Singh Ji made up a lie on Gangu Brahmin.

However Dilgeer did not state where he gets his source on proving Gangu Brahmin innocent.

He also said, Moti Ram Mehra never existed and it was a fictional story of him giving milk to the Chote Sahibzaade at Thanda Burj. He went onto say that Todar Mal died well before Sahibzaade’s shaheedi and he never gave any coins to purchase land for the sanskar.

Another Sikh Historian took to Facebook shortly after the video was published and called Dilgeer’s version of history false.

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