Controversial Children’s Book Making Fun of Turban Withdrawn

A book called ‘The Art of Tying a Pug’ by Natasha Sharma published by Chennai based publisher was withdrawn after huge protests.

Cover of Book

Sikhs worldwide protested against the book as they stated it caused a defamation to the religious symbols and hurt religious sentiments. The cover of the book showed a pug breed dog pulling on the turban while an overweight man with long hair is seen pulling on the other end.

Multiple legal notices were received by the publisher calling the book blasphemous and hurtful

The publisher told a media network that they had many phone calls and mails calling for withdrawal of the book.

The book was delisted from the publisher and also off of Amazon. However, the publisher went on to state that the author was frightened and harassed over the publishing of the book.

The outrage appears to be caused primarily due to a pun being made in reference to turban (Pug) and a dog.

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