Congress leader Sukhjinder Singh wrote a letter to CM Badal and Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib to honor Manmohan Singh as “Panth Rattan Fakhar-e-Quam”.”

The Congress leader might not be aware the award is only given to those who’ve served the Khalsa Panth selflessly and made immense contributions. The award isn’t for whose served the state of Punjabi or Punjabis but the Sikh community. Manmohan Singh wasn’t able to bring justice to Sikhs and so he will probably never receive the award.

The leader wrote in his letter:

“As you personally are well aware, thus I find no need to define the outstanding contributions and glorious services of Dr. Singh in Political and Economic world. Dr. Manmohan Singh has brought glory to Sikh Community as he is the first Sikh to become the Prime minister. Besides that he performed meretriciously in every sphere of life either its field of Education, Economics, World Bank top job, Finance Minister and Prime Minister”

“Not only he was the first Sikh to become the Prime Minister, but he also brought glory to Community as he was the person whom successive US Presidents George W Bush and Barrack Obama, consulted to tide over the economic recession. Despite remaining at top position and leading India by bringing reforms, his honestly, humility is beyond any doubt. Thus he deserves this title”

“Though for political gains, you (Badal) always criticized Dr. Singh for ‘meting step motherly treatment’ to Punjab, but personally you are well aware that its Dr. Singh, who as Prime Minister contributed maximum to Punjab by doling funds of several thousands of crores of rupee and acceding all your demands either it was Bathinda Refinery, IIT, IIM, Central University or Doubling MPS Of wheat and rice in his term at PM Office”

“The situation has now become crystal clear, because in last one Year NDA has given nothing to Punjab”, he said.

In the letter Randhawa went onto say that the title should be given to Manmohan Singh during the 350th celebrations of founding of Sri Anandpur Sahib.

“As you always propagated yourself as biggest messiah of Sikh Community, thus it’s time to prove your credentials and live up to expectation of Sikh Community by honouring Dr. Manmohan Singh in recognition of his outstanding contributions and glorious services during his long political career,” He added.

However, the Randhawa might be unaware the title is only given to those who have selflessly served the Khalsa Panth. Manmohan Singh will always be criticized for not bringing justice to the Sikh community for the 1984 Carnage.

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