Congress Spokesperson Says He’s Descendant of one of Panj Piyare and That Jagdish Tytler is Innocent

In a RepublicTV debate with Arnab Goswami spokesperson of the Congress party held the entire Congress party innocent of the Sikh genocide in 1984 and made shocking comments that he’s related to the Panj Piyare.

In a live Tv debate, the spokesperson tried to hold the congress party innocent of stating that he is one of the descendants of the 2nd Panj piyare.

He further went onto say that Jagdish Tytler and other were not involved in the planned massacre of Sikhs because the judiciary and investigative agencies held him innocent of any wrongdoing. The debate comes after the recent announcement of the Supreme Court of India to reopen 189 cases related to the 1984 Sikh genocide.

The comments were uncalled for by the congress spokesperson as if he was trying to justify his agruement by stating his relation to the Panj Piyare

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