Who is this man?


He is a hired man of the Congress party who only comes out for the sake of pictures for the Indian press. He belongs to the so called National Akali Dal and conducts staged dramas for the Press. The National Akali Dal party is a 1 man party whose parent is the Congress party and it’s only worker is this man.

This man has maligned and tarnished the image of Sikhs by appearing on hundreds of newspapers and press circulations both in print and online media.

The Congress party has used him to rally against Pakistan, France, USA, and many other countries. The drama is staged in front of the press for pictures showing him holding kirpans. The images are shown as stereotypical images of Sikhs all across the world.

This man disappears until it’s time to malign the image of Sikhs again. After the Oak Creek shooting inside a Sikh Gurdwara, he burned the American flag in New Delhi and those images circulated in American media showing the ‘outrage’ of Sikhs in India.

After the Oak Creek shooting, the Sikhs started a massive awareness campaign which eventually led to the founding of National Sikh Campaign.

The man’s only mission is to hurt the image of Sikhs around the world by appearing on newspaper and TV media headlines sponsored by the Congress party.

The man is no doubt an actor for the Indian Intelligence.

Here are some of his images which have surfaced on media outlets worldwide.










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