Sikhs have raised concerns of having a drug test done before an Anand Karaj due to a drugged groom disrespecting the Sikh turban and the marriage ceremony. Punjab has a high rate of drug users who’ve destroyed the lives of people in their households due to their drug activities. The proposal of a drug test to prevent escalations in family tensions maybe a solution to the ongoing problem.

A man lost his mind during the first lanv of the Holy Anand Karaj when he threw his turban on the ground in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. According to the bride’s family, the groom threw his turban on the floor and started to behave erratically. The incident occurred in a village near Hoshiarpur and the Groom’s family came from Dasuya.


The groom says his health condition suddenly went down and was having trouble breathing and that his turban fell. The Bride’s family went onto say that the girl was walking slowly and the guy was walking too fast and was told to slow down. The groom lost his mind and and he reacted with anger.


The bride told the press that the guy had done drugs and she immediately realized this with his behavior. The police are investigating the matter. There hasn’t been any charges in relation to inappropriate behavior towards Sikh sentiments of throwing the turban.

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