Parents of a young girl filed a complaint with SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar over the rude behavior of a Sevadar at Sri Harmandar Sahib. NRI Parkash Kaur said The sevadar scolded and rudely behaved with her young granddaughter who unknowingly put her foot at the sarovaar while walking around the Parkarma.

Moments after, the child was pulled away by her father but a sevadar holding a barcha (spear) loudly yelled at the child and her father. The sevadar created a scene and misbehaved with the family. The sevadar was asked the reason for his outrage but he couldn’t explain as he wasn’t aware of the maryada himself.

The people at the Parkarma were left wondering the crime committed by the young girl as everyone takes a dip inside the sarovaar and no one can take a dip without their feet and so what wrong was done. The father faced humiliation and was forced to leave Sri Harmandar Sahib without bowing to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Many people have reported incidents of rude behavior on part by the sevadars who largely are unaware of GurSikh maryada.

The grandmother Parkash Kaur is seeking dismissal of the sevadar so that others don’t have to deal with his rude behavior.

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