Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the film ‘Vijay
and I’

The film ‘Vijay and I’ is a comedy set in the New York about a German
jobbing actor, Will Wilder, who reinvents himself after an accident
where everyone thinks he has died. With the help of his friend, an
Indian restaurant owner, the main character attends his own funeral
disguised as an elegant and respectable Sikh man called Vijay Singh.

The film is a romantic comedy and while acting as Vijay Singh, Will
puts the spark back into his marriage and his family relationships. The
film was made by a German filmmaker Sam Garbarski in 2013.

The scene that you have complained about was not highlighted by our
Compliance Viewer as problematic and we are sorry if you found it
offensive. The film is not one that is intentionally offensive or
insulting to the Sikh religion. Indeed, when the main character is a
Sikh he is a much more romantic and charming man that he was originally.
In light of your complaints we have removed the film from our service to
review it.

We are sorry that you have felt it necessary to get in touch with us on
this matter , on this occasion but we hope the above at least reassures
you that we are a responsible broadcaster who takes it obligations to
its customers seriously.

Kind Regards
Viewer Relations

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