Comedian Issues Apology for Racist Joke on India-Pakistan Conflict

Comic Trevor Noah has said he is sad for ridiculing the ongoing acceleration in pressures among India and Pakistan.

Noah, host of the honor winning Daily Show, said in an ongoing scene that a war between the two atomic equipped nations would be “the most engaging”, including that “it would likewise be the longest war ever – another move number!”

The muffle caused a shock in India, where thousands took to Twitter to share how furious they were at his comments. Some even marked the South African entertainer as “racist” and “insensitive”.

Responding to a Twitter user who said Noah “mocks war through a Bollywood stereotype” and reminded him that his mother was shot in the head by her husband (Trevor’s stepfather), Noah wrote:

“Actually if you watch my stand up you’ll see that I did make jokes after my mother was shot in the head. As a comedian I use comedy to process pain and discomfort in my world but I am sorry that this hurt you and others, that’s not what I was trying to do.”

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