Clean India Campaign: Crow Throws Garbage in Bin (Video)

Crow throwing away garbage For Clean India… by dailysikhupdates

Crows are very intelligent birds and with proper training can follow human orders. Recently, a video surfaced showing a crow throwing garbage out in a garbage bin. The Grow proved to be very intelligent.

Corvus is a widely distributed genus of birds in the family Corvidae. Ranging in size from the relatively small pigeon-size jackdaws (Eurasian and Daurian) to the common raven of the Holarctic region and thick-billed raven of the highlands of Ethiopia, the 40 or so members of this genus occur on all temperate continents except South America, and several islands. In Europe, the word “crow” is used to refer to the carrion crow or the hooded crow, while in North America it is used for the American crow or the northwestern crow.

The crow genus makes up a third of the species in the Corvidae family. The members appear to have evolved in Asia from the corvid stock, which had evolved in Australia. The collective name for a group of crows is a flock or a murder.[1]

Recent research has found some crow species capable of not only tool use but also tool construction.[2] Crows are now considered to be among the world’s most intelligent animals[3] with an encephalization quotient approaching that of some apes

Crow throws garbage in a dust bin on command of Clean India Campaign. Crow throws garbage out in a dust bin. Smart Crow throws garbage for cleaner india

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