Class Five Student Receives International Recognition for Developing Tools for Left Handers

Seven-year-old Gurinder Singh had just entered class V and suddenly found himself struggling immensely with two fundamental tasks – writing and art. “Gurinder had never faced any problem in academic life. But complaints about him not finishing homework or not writing notes in the class started reaching us,” says Sandeep Singh, his mother.

This was in 2015, and Gurinder’s Hyderabad-based parents, Sandeep and Pavitter, were in a fix. Sandeep says they failed to understand the problem initially. When they asked Gurinder, he would only say that his writing speed had reduced and he was not able to cope with the writing pace of the class.

“We started analysing his writing style and technique to realise his problem. Gurinder was left-handed,” Sandeep said.

Explaining the difficulty, Sandeep said, “For left-handers, writing becomes difficult as the hand blocks the view between the eyes and the previous word written in the sentence.”

Sandeep said the natural solution to solve the issue becomes to lift the hand to increase visibility. “The position of the hand becomes like a hook and is called ‘hooked position’, which slows down the pace of writing,” she added.

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