Cigarette Smoking Character Named ‘Nanki’ in New Show

A new Netflix show released a trailer 2 weeks ago which shows a character who smokes a cigarette and named ‘Nanki’. The name Nanki hold special significance in Sikh history as it’s the name of Guru Nanak’s sister. The name has never been used before in a television or internet show until now. The character is seen smoking, drinking, involved in sexual conduct, and doing drugs.

The show titled ‘guilty’ which stars Bollywood actress Kiara Advani has her playing a role of a cigarette smoking candidate. The web series is produced by Karan Johar of Dharma Productions.

According to sources, a Sikh attorney named Neena Singh served a legal notice to Netflix over the matter. The attorney stated that the name is very pious to Sikhs and shouldn’t be used for such a character of a show. The lawyer has threatened legal action against Netflix if the show airs on March 6.

An excerpt of the legal notice from BabuShahi reads:

“That it is so unfortunate for our Country that you, Ms.Ruchi Narain, as a Lady Director and Netflix has given the Protagonist in Web Series “GUILTY” the most pious name “NANKI” depicting Immoral behaviour of Drugs, Smoking, Drinking and Sex.”

“That your naming the Protagonist as “NANKI” and associating her with Drugs, Drinks, Smoking and Sex is the most blasphemous Criminal act, hurting the sentiments of the entire Sikh Community and tarnishing the sacred pious name of Guru Nanak’s Sister. In Sikh Faith, such acts of Drinking, Drugs and Smoking are forbidden acts and strictly condemned by Guru Gobind Singhji in His Code of Conduct “Rehat Maryada”.

Here is the trailer of the show:

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