In village Daoke, Punjab, which is surrounded by Pakisani territory on all three side, the Dalit families have converted to Sikhism.

The church was constructed on donated land in the border village and has been shut down for few months. The managing priest shows up for once or twice a month to maintain the building.


Ten years ago, Christian missionaries had converted an estimated 200 Dalits. After conversion, the Punjab Govt denied benefits which would have been given if they remained their native religion as they would be categorized in Scheduled Caste.

The Dalits of the village have stated they have converted without any outside pressure and are firm on their decision.

The district of Amritsar had many villages which became Christian but recently many have returned to their native faiths. Recently, 3 other churches in the District were shutdown due to re-conversion.

A local villager stated many of the families were lured by missionaries in promise of benefits.

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