Christian Missionaries Setup Major Global Meeting to Convert All Sikhs

A press release of a Canada based Christian Missionaries has gone viral on social media causing outrage among the Sikh Community worldwide.

The press release of the meeting pointed out that the mission of the organization appears to mass convert Sikhs and so it stated:

Pray for renewed conviction that every Sikh—man and woman, adult and young person and child—needs to discover Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.

The details of the meeting which saw representatives from ten countries was published in an online magazine called Christian Today.

Canada has seen a large increase in the number of Punjabi speaking christian missionaries. The missionaries impress the Punjabi people by talking in their language but the gullible Punjabis fail to realize the purpose of learning the language is to convert them.

The online magazine acknowledged that the Sikh community although small in size has tremendous power and they believe it’s paramount to convert Sikhs.

The Christian Today further stated:

“That the Global Church seize the opportunities of evangelising and discipling the unreached millions of followers of the Sikh faith everywhere and develop them to be Great Commission disciple makers. “

The clear objective from the online press release from the Christian Missionaries is to convert Sikhs around the world which is why major global meetings are being setup around the world.

Read the entire press release: Christian Today

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