In Griffith, New Zealand, there is a couple who are New Zealand highlanders, the natives of New Zealand, who have named their baby a Sikh name. This city has a brand new Gurdwara that completed construction only in July of 2015.


Across from an orange farm owned by a Sikh family, live a couple that were getting on in years. They had almost given up hope of ever having children. They had been together for 18 years and the lady had had some form of cancer and some surgery which made it even more likely she would not bear children.

One day, the owner of the orange farm, Bhai Avtar Singh ji, was going to the gurdwara, which was in the process of being constructed. He went to help clean up the grounds and do gardening. It was a very hot day and the neighbouring highlander, who Singh knew as being a hard working man, and who called Singh “Papa”, asked where he was going. When he heard where Singh was going, he insisted on coming. Singh felt it was unfair as he had been working all day on the hot farm and no punjabi people had even volunteered to do this sewa.

The highlander even insisted on cutting the grass, telling Singh he should rest. In the blistering hot sun, the man cut the grass and weeded, and Bhai Sahib thought to himself of how amazing it was that this Christian man was doing sewa for the gurdwara when even their own punjabi people were not volunteering.

By the end of the day the highlander was filthy from working and Bhai Sahib told him “May God bless you for your helping today.” A few days later the highlander told Singh that his wife was pregnant, and when she gave birth to a healthy boy, they named him Avtar Singh. The child loves Bhai Sahib and his wife and enjoys hearing the word “waheguru” too.

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