China Send Pakistan Masks Made from Underwear

China’s connivance with Pakistan by sending ‘underwear-made’ masks to combat the Coronavirus outbreak has created internet furor.

“China ne chuna laga diya” (China knew us) said the Pakistani channel and further informed that the provincial government of Sindh sent the masks to hospitals without testing. Here’s how the netizens reacted:

Major Gaurav posted on social media:

Republic TV posted the news:

Here is another tweet:

According to Business Standard:

“In the name of to-quality N95 masks, China has sent in masks made out of underwear. It was also a lacuna on the part of the provincial health authorities who received the medical aid. Without proper checking, the masks were sent to Qatar hospital in Karachi. Over there, the doctors and para-medical staff called it buffooning by China,” Lahore-based News Break TV

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