Chilling Call of Punjab Native to Police After Killing His Wife in Melbourne

(DSU News Bureau) A chilling phone calling of Parminder to authorities after he cut his wife’s throat. He called the authorities in Melbourne, Australia to tell them to pick up his wife’s dead body.

Parminder killed his wife Nikita Chawla and has pleaded not guilty to the Magistrates’ Court in the grounds of mental impairment.

He says on the phone that he took his wife’s life because he suspected her of cheating.

This is what he told the operator:

“Come and collect the body,’’ he tells the first operator. “I killed her.’’

When Operator asked about any weapons, Parminder says: “I had one big knife I used to cut her throat.’’

When asked about any drugs involved he said he was suffering from “Anger Anxiety.”

When a police officer came on the phone he stated:

“I got my wife, right, I killed her. I love her so much, I had a bright future with her and then she’s been cheating on me … I just find out today and I … I think my anxiety took over and then I lost it.

“I think I couldn’t control myself and I hold a big knife and kept hitting her until she stopped breathing.’’

At 1.49am – 12 minutes after his first call – Mr Singh calls again.

“Man, I killed my wife,’’ he repeats.

After the paramedics arrived he told them the same story. Parminder again repeated the story to reporters who arrived on the scene.

“But I don’t know why she cheated on me,’’ he told police. “I told her, ‘if you have anyone I’ll let you go. Please keep me in the loop. I want you happy.’

“She lies, lied and she’s not smart enough.”

He told police he would check her phone at night and found a contact named Jodene that contained pictures of a bearded man.

“She was breathing heavily and she was bleeding, and I was like, “Why am I holding knife and why is she sick?,’’ he told police.

The documents filed in court show Parminder has had a history of depression and anger issues leading up to the death of Nikita Chawla.

According to media reports, she had commenced a friendship with a friend from work who sent her his photo on the night she was killed by parminder.

Police said the two work friends became close to each other and talked to her friend about separating from her husband.

Mr Singh will appear before the Supreme Court on Monday.

A friend of the couple posted the following message on social network:

“Funda Cengiz Ozkan You were both my colleagues and my friends… you were so friendly and great to have around. I still cant believe this has happened… I would have never expected a thing.. Hearing this is so chilling…and everything that’s happened is so heart breaking and so sad. Cheating isn’t a good thing… we will never know if it was true or not… BUT THERE IS NO REASON TO TAKE ANY ONES LIFE!!!! Rip Nikita You will always be missed… and Robin… I hope you get what you deserve for this cruel act you have done. Im glad you felt so guilty after you did what you did… that you even gave yourself in… seconds after you murdered her!! I know you had anger issues and but that doesn’t make it right to take the life of someone else!! YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF !!!!”

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