Child Kidnapped from Sri Darbar Sahib Found Haryana

The police have recovered the four-year-old kid, Aditya, who was abducted from the Golden Temple complex here on Sunday. He alongside his relatives had gone to Sri Darbar Sahib for paying respect.

He was purportedly kidnapped by a couple who become friends with his relatives. The episode became exposed when his dad educated the police and CCTV cameras in the complex uncovered about this.

The police specialists said he was recouped from Delhi side and a police group has been sent to bring him back.

Mukhwinder Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, while affirming this said the denounced were additionally seized by the police group and they were being expedited police remand. “We are yet to determine the thought process behind the seizing. We will deliver them in the court looking for police remand for further cross examination,” he included.

Raj Kumar, father of the person in question, told the police that on Sunday he, alongside his family, had gone to the altar to pay deference. He said a couple got become friends with them. The suspect went to langar corridor with them. He said he, alongside his family, left the langar corridor. On coming to approach Teja Singh Samundri corridor, his child Aditya communicated want to go to latrine. He said his other two kids, Shivam and Sanjna, went with Aditya. From that point, Aditya disappeared. Raj Kumar said he scanned for his child in the whole unpredictable however couldn’t discover him. Later on looking CCTV cameras, he found that the presume had taken Aditya with him by exploiting the substantial surge.

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