Chhapaak Film Reveals Sikh Man Came to Rescue of Acid Victim

An important Reminder for #Sikh Community in #CHHAPAAK

The makers conceived the crucial scene of acid attack with an important inclusion in the film showing the only person helping the girl lying on the road holding her face to be A SIKH.

The only person coming with a water bottle to help the girl and then calling the PCR to take her to a hospital in that busy market of #Delhi with many people simply staring has been portrayed in the film as a SIKH.

Here I would like to say that this particular inclusion ideally should remind the entire SIKH Community that even today A SIKH is honestly assumed to be a responsible and caring person who will be the first one to help even strangers in need on a busy road.

In clear words, this one real or fictional inclusion in CHHAPAAK should not inspire Sikhs to just say “Proud To Be A Sikh”.

This should actually inspire them to say “FEEL RESPONSIBLE TO BE A SIKH”

That is one essential TAKE-HOME lesson for #Sikhs in particular in the film CHHAPAAK provided they take it sensibly and responsibly.”

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