Chardi Kala Singhs protested outside Gurdwara Sahib Novelarra in Kor Cova, Italy against Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh. The Singhs shouted ‘Traitor of the Panth’ as the Jathedar entered the premises.

Singhs protesting in Italy
Singhs protesting in Italy
Giani Gurbachan Singh Inside Luxury car
Giani Gurbachan Singh Inside Luxury car

Singhs worldwide are upset at the Jathedar for his inability to answer the call when the Panth needed action. He continuously failed on major issues and many have demanded his resignation.

Singhs protest outside Gurdwara in Italy by dailysikhupdates

Earlier Update:

Akal Takht Jathehdar was invited to the Gurdwara at Kor Cova, Italy. When Giani Gurbachan Singh was about to speak a youth stood up to ask him regarding why he hadn’t visited Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa in Hassanpur Punjab.

Bapu Surat Singh has been on hunger strike for 162 days for the release of Sikh political prisoners who’ve completed their terms.

Out of all the Singhs at the Gurdwara, only 1 had the courage to ask the Jathedar the question. The Singh had acquired to speak with the Jathedar alone but the committee didn’t give him the opportunity which is why he had to take the step of speaking out.

The committee grabbed the Sikh youth and took him out of the Gurdwara aggressively. The impatient Jathedar failed to answer any questions but instead took the exit and immediately went to the airport.

Jathedar Runs After Protests by dailysikhupdates

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