(DSU) Renton, Washington- Gunfire was reported inside a Gurdwara in Renton, Washington and several government agency officers arrived on the seen.

What Happened?
2 members of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Washington Renton Sangat had an argument in the parking lot which resulted in an escalation.

The sangat watching the escalation told police that both were yelling at each other which caused concerned members to come out into the parking lot.

One of the men pulled out a handgun it bullets were fired after those standing by tried to control the man.

One of the members condemned the act saying such weapons aren’t allowed as it’s a place of worship.

No injuries occurred and no weapon was confiscated, but one man was arrested.

The event brought shame to the local community after Sikhs have been tremendously trying to increase positive Sikh awareness.

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