A Hindustan Times report has revealed that street side shops in Chandigarh are selling paranthas filled with addictive drugs such as ‘ganja’ and ‘opium’.


A PIL was filed at the Punjab and Haryana High Court to investigate the shops which sell paranthas. The claim is that the drugs cause people to consume the paranthas regularly without them knowing they’ve consumed the addictive drugs.

The bench of the High Court stated, ‘Street vendors operating outside schools, colleges are selling drugs.”

Justice Surya Kant said, “Even paranthas laced with drugs are available in Chandigarh.” “I have been told about this recently by a lawyer,” he added.

The vendors mix the fillings of the paranthas with the drugs or sometimes they mix it in with the dough according to the report.

Many sandwich spreads are also laced with drugs causing health concerns for the sake of higher sales.

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