‘Chak De Phatte’ Slogan Originated in Canada by Sikh Mill Workers

One of the most famous Punjabi language slogans is ‘Chak De Phatte’ which literally means raise the wooden planks. The saying is so popular that almost every Punjabi person has used it at least once in their life.

The slogan is often used to encourage someone to go beyond limits or to instill confidence in them to do better. The origination of the slogan was not known by the vast number of Punjabis and surprisingly it has roots in Canada.

During the 1800s, a large number of Sikhs came from Punjab to work in lumber mills near Vancouver. The Sikhs would hand each other wooden planks which they called ‘Phatte’. The Sikh mill workers wood pile up the wooden planks inside the large warehouses of the time by lifting them up and passing them forward to the next person.

When one Sikh would pass a wooden plank to the other person, he would say ‘Chak De Phatte.’ The slogan became so popular that it ended up becoming an every house hold saying.

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