Chaar Sahibzaade Highest Grossing Punjabi Film, To Pass 70 Crore

The Film Chaar Sahibzaade has emerged as the biggest film animation film in Indian history.  Punjabi audiences worldwide have carried the film strong at the box office since week 1.  The film is expected to pass the 70 Crore mark which will be more then double of any Indian Animation Film in History. The film’s response has been so tremendous that distributors cut screens of major Bollywood films to make room for film “Chaar Sahibzaade.”

The film has Box Office Earnings approaching 70 Crore Worldwide and has set per screen records in most countries.
UK is the country with the biggest response after India with shows being booked full even in the 5th Week.

Besides being ranked as the top rated feature film in World History with 9.8 rating on IMDB, Chaar Sahibzaade could potentially reach the 100 Crore mark after all said and done. The audience is now in full hopes of a Sequel to the Film which might just be in the works as the director has revealed that an entire chapter on Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was deleted perhaps due to a potential Sequel.

Here is a look at some of the records the film Broke:

1. Highest Rated Indian Film of all Films in History with an Unprecedented rating of (9.8).

2. Highest Rated film in world film history passing the Lion King (8.9) by 1 whole point.

3. Highest Grossing Punjabi Film Ever leaving Jatt and Juliet 2 (Previous Record Holder) far behind.

4. Only Film to run in over 82 screens in Punjab with 150 screens in India and a Record 150+ Screen in it’s 5th Week and still hanging strong.

5. Highest grossing Animation Film in Indian History with earnings triple the previous record holder “Tin-Tin.”

6. All Time Grossing Indian Film in Canada

7. All Time Grossing Indian Film in UK

8. Top 5 grossing Indian Film in New Zealand and Australia All Time

9. Top 5 Grossing Indian Film in USA All Time

10. All Time Grossing Indian Film in countries where usually Indian films don’t screen such as Philiphines, Sweden, Singapore.

11. Only Indian Film to play in over 30 Countries.

12. Per Screen Average Higher then any Indian Film in Overseas History

13. Only film in History where free shows were booked.

14. Only Film in Indian History to be seen by the most viewers for the First Time.

15. Only Film to Record House Fulls past the 5th Week Worldwide

16. Only Film In Indian Film History to have it’s name Trend on Twitter for over 2 weeks.

17. The film had such a high positive word of mouth that demand was increasing by the hour, unseen ever before.

18. Highest grossing Punjabi Film in South India History

19. Only film to match first week earnings total

20. Tax Free in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi

Chaar Sahibzaade film 1a

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