Chaar Sahibzaade Becomes Highest Grossing Punjabi Film in History

Chaar Sahibzaade Becomes Highest Grossing Punjabi Film in History worldwide. The film has grossed over 15 crores in India alone after a very powerful 2nd week and 3rd Weeks with shows still being booked full. The higher earnings have come from the many additional screens that have opened since week 1. The demand is so high that now multiple screens have opened up in cities where previously a single screen wasn’t booked.

The Punjabi version of the film has brought in the most revenue with East Punjab and Delhi breaking all time Punjabi film earnings records. The incredible response of the film has taken away screens from bollywood films overseas and leading bollywood films in total revenue per screen.

The total gross of Chaar Sahibzaade has exceeded 40 Crores according to box office collection figures and the record held by Jatt and Juliet 2 has been shattered which grossed 18 crore total in 2013.

Weekend: 21 – 23 November, 2014

Figures don’t include revenue from additional screens which have nearly doubled and in some countries tripled.

United States of America


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross ($)ScreensTotal Gross ($)Total Gross (INR)
24Chaar Sahizaade3172,12110355,2872.21 crores
64Kill Dil212,11125172,7211.06 crores
67Happy New Year59,807102,940,27418.19 crores
94Naaigal Jaakirathai (Tamil)12,35542,3551.45 lacs
143Kaththi (Tamil)51601622,1143.85 crores
148The Shaukeens3110154,10033.48 lacs
154Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain354112,6497.82 lacs

Note: Some screens yet to report.


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (US$)ScreensTotal Gross (US$)Total Gross (INR)
8Chaar Sahibzaade3192,29814388,2202.40 crores
31Kill Dil210,6761263,22339.13 lacs
43Happy New Year54,2704789,8614.88 crores



United Kingdom and Ireland

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (£)ScreensTotal Gross (£)Total Gross (INR)
11Chaar Sahibzaade3122,15925518,3865.0 crores
17Happy Ending169,0195669,01966.73 lacs


RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (A$)ScreensTotal Gross (A$)Total Gross (INR)
11Chaar Sahibzaade368,15826628,0173.36 crores
17Happy Ending135,0341835,03418.79 lacs
38Kill Dil27,7441259,53231.93 lacs
45Baaz (Punjabi)23,938562,46833.50 lacs
72The Lunchbox2061531,551,8908.32 crores
73Siddharth7539564,51634.60 lacs
88Happy New Year51961737,4373.95 crores

New Zealand

RankMovieWeekendWeekend Gross (NZ$)ScreensTotal Gross (NZ$)Total Gross (INR)
16Happy Ending111,900711,9005.80 lacs
18Chaar Sahibzaade38,2346130,50363.67 lacs
31Baaz (Punjabi)22,450320,99710.24 lacs
35The Lunchbox101,95619425,2022.07 crores
37Kill Dil21,411224,00011.71 lacs
53Siddharth7191517,9368.75 lacs

All Other Countries combined: Under 1 Crore.

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