The national government had announced a SIT to re-investigate the cases of 1984 Sikh massacre in Delhi.

The Union Ministry gave an order yesterday to have the SIT setup and to submit a report within a 6 month time period. However, the ironic thing is that the SIT will only be a 3 member team consisting of 2 inspector general ranked IPS officers and 1 judicial officer.

The fairness of the SIT is questioned because IG, IPS, and judicial agencies were all involved in the cover up and negligence that occurred in 1984.

The recommendation of the 3 member team of an IG and judicial officer will be a mockery and will prove worthless just like the 10 commissions which were setup in the last 31 years to get justice.

On the issue, AAP’s Bhai Baldeep Singh says, “Too little too late!
Three member committee? IG ranked IPS officers and a judicial officer? Well, police and judicial agencies were all responsible for their negligence, lack of values such as transparency, honesty, conviction, patriotism, fairness and did nothing to protect the people or probe the massacre and catch the guilty in time. All state agencies failed and that too, failed miserably. Now the central government is ordering a probe but what if the political party which got a thumping majority in the last Lok Sabha elections held in April 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party and several of its leaders and cadre were also to be found guilty as is alleged?.”

The SIT by the center will be scrutinized and will in no way shape be independent as a reasonable point raised by Bhai Baldeep is when he states “Wouldn’t they try to cover up whatever still remains of their tracks?
Supreme Court failed. Politicians betrayed their people. Police and civil administrations respectively played as mere pawns and pliable dolls of goons-turned-politicians and politicians-turned-perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
Delhi Government should perhaps go ahead with its own SIT.
Or perhaps, this case should be handed over to the International Court.”

The SIT is being setup because the Supreme Court Judge G P Mathur now retired gave a recommendation for the re investigation of the 1984 cases.

The most recent commission was the Nanavati Commission which only recommended reopening only 4 of the 241 cases that were registered. Even though BJP wants all the cases to be reopened, but there is a question on fairness.

A person concerned about the SIT commented “How the two police officers of IG rank & Judicial officer could investigate the wrong doings by the same agencies at the time of committing the genocide of Sikhs in 1984. SIT should be an independent body sans any police officers ..”

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