7 Injured after a car crashed inside a restaurant in Delhi, 2 of the injured were young children.

Shocking statistics on car crashes in Delhi:

16 children die on Indian roads daily.

5 lives end on Delhi’s roads everyday.

There is one death every four minutes due to a road accident in India.

Drunken driving is one of the leading causes of road fatalities.

One serious road accident in the country occurs every minute and 16 die on Indian roads every hour.
1214 road crashes occur every day in India.

Two wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths.

20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes in in the country.
377 people die every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day.

Two people die every hour in Uttar Pradesh – State with maximum number of road crash deaths.
Tamil Nadu is the state with the maximum number of road crash injuries

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