CBI Inquiry Into Property of SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar

A petition is being filed at the Punjab and Haryana High Court for CBI investigation on how SGPC Head Avtar Singh Makkar was able to benefit financially so quickly.

The Punjab Sikh Sadhbwana Dal had earlier filed a petition on why the newly appointed Chief Secretary of the SGPC was given such a high salary.

It’s interesting to note that a Raagi who was recently expelled by the SGPC Bhai Baldev Singh is the head of the group who will be filing the petition. A representative of the group stated that a report will be prepared on the properties gained by Makkar how he used his position as SGPC Head to benefit financially.

The representative further stated that Makkar not only has property in Punjab but other states at an estimated value of 90 Crore. This is why the group is filing the petition to investigate how Makkar was able to become so wealthy in a short time period.

The representative told reporters that the SGPC often faces losses in certain area of it’s operation but wanted to understand how the chief is able to gain while SGPC loses.

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