Why There are Caste Based Gurdwaras When Sikhs Don’t Believe in Caste

Q&A session at Park Avenue Gurdwara, Southall part of the Sikh Youth Show on Sikh Channel, Question was Why is there so many caste based Gurdwaras?

Singh answers question on why there are caste name Gurdwaras in the world when there is no such thing as caste in Sikhi. Caste named Gurdwaras are all over the world. Singh states primary reason for this is it to keep outside people from taking over Gurdwara management committees.

Many nonamritdharis started a trend some time ago to take over Gurdwara Sahibs and as a retaliation many Gurdwara committees named the gurdwaras as a Caste name so that the hostile takeover would not happen.

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