Cartoon Made on Guru Nanak Dev Ji With Voice, Beadbi (Video)

Cartoon Company Makes Animation with Voice on Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Beadbi Alert, a cartoon company makes a cartoon of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with voice with incorrect facts in video.

In a a shocking revelation, a company named “Fountain Kids” made an Animation on Guru Nanak Dev Ji with a voice over. No company or any animation creator has ever made an animation on Guru Nanak Dev Ji as it’s not allowed. It’s not clear yet whether the company knowingly or unknowingly created this animation.

The animation has full voice over the dialogues which is the most shocking thing as something like this has never occurred. The animation film also portrayed many incorrect facts of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which also needs to be condemned. The company needs to come forward and apologize for this and immediately delete the video is the demand by Sikh groups. The animation film is over 1 hour in length and shows various Sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the portrayal for some is false with twisted conclusions and dialogues. In the past, Sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are usually portrayed with still images and not making a character in animation form. It is clear from the video history of “Fountain Kids” that they create animation on religious figures of India.

Tell the Company to Remove the Animation: Fountain Kids

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